NYC Elite Staff

Meet our fantastic staff! Each coach is safety certified and specially trained to offer your child the best gymnastics program possible. From former Olympians to National Champions, each member of our talented staff brings their own special gifts to your childs training, 

Coach Bob
Preschool Director / Recreational Coach
Bob Garcia began coaching in 1981 and has been consistently doing so since. He resides in Queens with his wife where they enjoy attending live music, especially Latin Infused tunes.
Coach Chloe
Recreational Coach
A former NYC Elite Team member Chloe has grown into a wonderful coach. Taking the knowledge she learned during her time as a gymnast Chloe helps to guide young gymnasts through the mastery of skills. She especially loves teaching 3-4 year olds as they are just discovering their love of gymnastics. She is also a certified first aid responder and lifeguard.
Coach Christine
Recreational Coach
Christine moved to NYC from Baltimore to pursue her comedy career. While successfully playing shows all over NYC she was unable to give up her love of gymnastics. She enjoys empowering her students through her coaching and hopes to build self-esteem in each child she interacts with. She uses her sense of humor to connect with children of all ages and is never afraid to be silly.
Coach Doug
Recreational Coach
Doug has been teaching gymnastics for over ten years and has a special talent with toddlers. A native of Oregon he is a talented gardener, cook and rock climber. He is also an avid fan of the University of Oregon football team. Go Ducks!
Coach Jack
USAG Team Coach
A veteran of NYC Elite Jack has been coaching for over 20 years. With a background as a professional dancer and choreographer Jack brings his artistic vision to the optional floor routines each year. Wowing judges with his award winning choreography Jack has lead his girls to numerous nation championships. The grace and agility that he cultivates caries over to all of the events that he coaches. He also lends his creativity to hand crafting gifts every holiday for each member of the USAG team.
Coach Jess E
Recreational Coach
A full time lawyer Coach Jess loves spending the weekends coaching. A competitive gymnast growing up in New Jersey Jess developed a life time passion for gymnastics. An avid runner Jess enjoys staying active. Much like the children she coaches Jess loves the movie Frozen.
Coach Jess P
Recreational Coach, USAG Team Coach
Jess was a gymnast in Southern California for 13 years before moving to New York to attend NYU. Starting at NYC Elite when she was only 17 Jess has been with us for 6 wonderful years. She is a talented floor coach and enjoys working with children from beginning toddler to high level gymnasts. She has a BA in communication from NYU.
Coach Jill
Recreational Coach
Jill has been teaching gymnastics for the last seven years. This extremely popular teacher has a vast 4 year old fan club. She is a Graduate of NYU with a degree in Psychology and English. In addition to coaching Jill also works as a researcher in a psychological research center. A native Californian Jill resides in Brooklyn with her boyfriend, best-friend and very spoiled cat.
Coach Julian
Recreational Coach, USAG Team Coach
Julian has been teaching at NYC Elite for over 6 years. He continues to expand his knowledge of gymnastics training at the USAG nation congress and the Olympic training center. He has successfully lead his girls to many regional and state championships. He enjoys teaching students from their first toddler classes to high level gymnasts.
Coach Kelley
Recreational Coach and IGC Head Coach
Kelley has over 20 year of coaching experience and has lead her team to many national titles. She is an accomplished performer and aerialist, specializing in silks. A passionate animal activist Kelley uses her free time to volunteer and raise awareness. Kelley loves to spend time with her rescue CC.
Coach Kelsea
Recreational Coach
A full time marketing professional Kelsea loves coming in to coach each weekend. This NYC native can be seen any given Saturday infusing her energy and teaching skills into a birthday party. She loves working with children and sharing the knowledge she gained as a competitive gymnast. She is also an avid Harry Potter fan.
Coach Kirsty
USAG Team Coach
Kirsty has been teaching gymnastics for over 15 years and has lead her team to many national and state titles. But her biggest accomplishment is her daughter Talulah, who is a talented gymnast on the NYC Elite team. Balancing the rigorous demands of coaching and motherhood Kirsty lives in Astoria with her wife.
Coach Nik
Recreational Coach, USAG Team Coach
Nik trained for 15 year as a competitive gymnast in California. He moved to New York to work as a professional dancer. He has performed at the Joyce, BAM and Lincoln Center. He loves to joke around with his team girls and give them silly nicknames.
Coach Pai
Recreational Coach
Pai is a professional software developer who also doubles a Kung-Fu Master. When he is not instructing your children in the ways of the tiger, he can be found performing his Kung-Fu realness in front of live audiences.
Coach/ Front Desk Alex
IGC Coach and Front Desk Maven
The newest member of the NYC Elite team Alex comes to us after many years as a prestigious team coach. She has been teaching for 10 years and loves every opportunity that she gets to spend with the girls. She is a talented dancer and a great addition to the NYC Elite staff. She has a BA in International Relations and Art History from John Hopkins.